The Rainmaker Capital Markets Program

The Rainmaker Capital Markets Program is a collection of interlocking program modules that serve to provide an end-to-end program solution for companies, entrepreneurs and commercial real estate developers to use to help them raise unlimited amounts of capital financing in the market in the same manner as public companies routinely do for the same purpose.  The statistics on this approach are undeniable.

The Rainmaker Capital Markets Program is provided on the basis of a licensing agreement for each securities offering a client seeks to launch and undertake.  To our knowledge, no other program is available in the market today that combines the critical valuation analyses, feasibility studies, risk assessments, business planning, offering documentation and supporting network of vendors who provide the totality of this seamless solution that provides the opportunity for the promoter to access the capital markets in a fraction of the time compared to an IPO, for a fraction of the IPO cost, and sell securities using a general solicitation (i.e.: television advertisements, etc.).


This important rule change means entrepreneurs and businesses can utilize the same mass marketing techniques and tools that public companies use to sell their offerings to qualified accredited investors only and have the same level of certainty-of-outcome.  This program is only available thru Rainmaker Analytics.

Business requires us to accept certain levels of risk-taking and there is no such thing as a riskless venture – you pay your money and you take your chances.  If you are reading about this program you have likely been taking significant risks and consistently failing.  If you are seeking capital investment on a non-recourse basis, then you can continue with what you are doing and perhaps you will someday be successful.  The odds say you will fail.  The odds are a result of our country’s security laws and yet the change in the security laws now give you the opportunity to change the odds in your favor.  The expected 60-day completion cycle and 1.5% liquidity requirements are designed to compete directly against commercial bank financing costs.

Please review the program video and then give us a call to discuss your capital financing needs at 832.663.9634.