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We are excited to announce our recent partnership with RealConnex. 65% of global executives and senior decision-makers said that their organizations will risk becoming irrelevant or noncompetitive if they do not embrace big data. At Invizen IT, our motto is “Better Data. Better Business.” With a combined 107 years of experience in the commercial real estate market, we bring the future of commercial real estate into your hands through better data.

Traditional reporting through underwriting, feasibility and market analysis is very costly and can take months to complete. As is stated in the popular phrase, “Time kills deals”, these outdated methods are killing your deals. At Invizen it we use top notch analytics to put the best information in the hands of the decision makers no matter what side of the table you sit on. saving you time and money and giving not only peace of mind but the confidence to make better decisions along the way. We still provide the underwriting, feasibility and market analysis functions, but at a fraction of the cost and all within 5 days or less.

With our recent partnership with the leading CRE network site, RealConnex, we are now able to offer the perks of big data in combination with a network of 140,000+ CRE professionals who interact daily. In order to save you even more time and money, we offer special deals to RealConnex members. These discounted report prices help you get the data and analytics you need, but also the added features of a RealConnex Pro Membership. rcx pricing sheet



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