Registration Required

There are some rules we all have to follow now…

The November 2020 securities regulations amendments enacted by the Securities & Exchange Commission require registration and collection of certain information regarding persons or entities seeking information regarding certain business transactions.

If you would like to review these materials, we must beg your forbearance for inconveniencing you with some regulatory compliance observances. Before we allow you to review the document you have requested, we have to collect some information to satisfy the Securities Gods. We hope you understand.

We will be collecting your name, email address, company information (if applicable) and investor status to retain for future disclosure to SEC if required under Section 4(a)(6), Rule 241 or Rule 148 of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. This information is held confidentially and is not sold to other parties. It is a voluntary “opt-in” and you can cancel at any time. When you cancel you are deleted from the electronic database, but a paper record is retained to comply with the rules stated above, should a future enforcement action require production of proof of your status. If you have questions please contact our offices.