Feasibility: RTAF Light Industrial Model

In an Invizen Feasibility study, the demand for light industrial space is determined by the growth rate of each industry.

Step 1 – Universe of Records

Real-time data provides the total number of employees by industry projected out five (5) years.

Step 2 – Average Square Footage per Employee

An empirical assumption is used to calculate the average square footage per employee.

Step 3 – Distribution by Market

Real-time data provides an analysis of what percentage of the market is comprised of each industry.

Step 4 – Cumulative Net Change in Demand

A calculation of the change in employees by industry and average square footage per employee provides the net change in space demand by industry.

Step 5 – Net Buildable Demand

The middle of the road expected-case scenario is then calculated on the net change in space demand providing the net buildable demand.


Increasing Graph