Rule 152 (17CFR230.152)

Rule 152 solicitations, business plans, pitch decks, disclosures
New Rules & New Opportunities. Do Your Due Diligence & Review With Legal Counsel.

The new Rule 152 adopted as part of SEC Release No. 33-10884 provides clear guidance on safe harbor restrictions owing to certain securities offerings that mandate care be taken regarding pre-offering communications. This means you should immediately consult your legal advisor if you are considering raising capital financing using a registration exemption pursuant to the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. Rule 152 is part of a new integrated approach the SEC intends to undertake to streamline, harmonize and modernize the private placement securities offering processes owing to Regulation A, Regulation Crowdfunding (CF) and Regulation D. These are landmark changes that portend incredible opportunity for small and medium sized businesses – especially commercial real estate development finance transactions. As always, there are important conditions, restrictions and reporting requirements that are now the new law of the land.