Have you ever experience a property owner with an unrealistic expectation of the sales price?  Have you ever wondered what the best way to market a property is?  Have you ever had a property sit on the market for an extended amount of time with no interest?  The RTA (Real Time Analytics Report) is the tool intended to assist you in answering all of these questions.  The RTA report is intended to provide justifications for the price, based on your intended-use.  The RTA report is intended to give you, the seller, the top 5 best intended-use scenarios for the property (based upon the current intended-use scenarios supported by INVIZEN).  The benefits are clear:

  • Make pricing the listing easier and faster.
  • Provide a common sense basis for pricing the listing that is sustainable.
  • Focus on the market vertical that is most likely to be interested in the property.
  • Reduce the market period required to sell the property.
  • Increase the velocity of sales, net profits to participants and overall satisfaction.

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