Senior Housing Development Consultants

Equity Financing, Business Management, Development Management & Due Diligence Support End-to-End

Our principals have completed billions of dollars of new construction senior housing assignments thru the years in all major markets and most second and third-tier markets. CCRC, ALCF, ALZ, ILF, Congregate Care, SNF & Hospice.

Senior Housing New Construction Financing

For developers of senior housing projects, selecting the right senior housing development consultant is a critical issue. It’s all about the capital financing structure, the tax-advantaged issues, the regulatory construct, the risk management planning, the vendor performance management, risk mitigation and customer satisfaction. Rainmaker Analytics provides end-to-end solutions, programs and business management consulting that covers the entirety of development risk issues – all of which tie back to the capital financing and the fundamental requirement of maximizing the probability of success odds in obtaining that capital financing. Your senior housing consultant must live by these tenets and by selecting Rainmaker Analytics, you have the firm that understands it is all about the money. Why go anywhere else?

Senior Housing Development Consulting – Holistic Approach

senior housing development management consulting, capital financing, operations and new construction services
Because all of it matters.

Our approach is holistic in nature; we focus on the entirety of the process that includes development, feasibility, valuation, capital markets access, underwriting, design, construction, marketing, operations, regulatory compliance, reporting and transaction structuring – all conceptually designed to serve the imperatives of profitability and investment risk management.

Development Consulting

Execution Risk Management That’s Proactive

Rainmaker Analytics focuses on the entirety of both the process required to produce the desired results, as well as making the management and execution of senior housing development projects less frenetic and time-consuming. Time is money and we know you don’t have time to poll a host of team members to make a decision. We offer a total program approach that is holistically designed to help you get where you seek to go.

Feasibility, Valuation & Capital Markets Consulting

Full Feasibility Analysis Demonstrates Market Opportunity Like No Other

We live in a market economy and that means consumers decide the winners and losers. Our holistic approach takes into account the critical market and financial feasibility issues in terms of what the local market conditions requires, as well as what the capital markets may be willing to pay to buy into your opportunity.

commercial real estate and senior housing new construction financing valuation analyses
Pricing Your Deal to Maximize Investment Inducement Potential

The new securities regulations that went into effect in 2021 provide unbridled access to up to $75 million in non-recourse equity financing on terms not previously thought possible. Our approach embraces these opportunities within the context of the entirety of the program requirements of risk management, profitability and compliance. Have you thought about these issues? We do and live with them every day.

Design & Construction Program Consulting

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The design and construction of the proposed project is everything. Not only does it have to conform with local market purchasing preferences, but it also has to meet the requirements for optimizing your opportunity for attracting capital financing without necessarily costing you the entire future opportunity. Our holistic approach combines the principals of market, operating prerequisites and risk management into the entirety of the design and construction process to maximize the opportunity to obtain the capital financing you need. What does your approach provide?

Marketing & Operations Consulting

Advance Warning of Up to 24 Months on Your Business’ Market Prospects

The organization, management, execution and compliance regarding marketing, advertising, department operations and reporting are covered as part of our holistic risk management program approach. These measures directly bear on your probability of success odds in obtaining capital financing. Anything less is just one more risk you don’t have to take.

Risk Management Consulting

An End to Fraud You Cannot Do Without

Our risk management program is second to none. Risk management by Rainmaker Analytics focuses on prevention and not mitigation. The common risks of vendor non-performance, funds custody, financial transparency, fraud, execution risk and even market risk exposure are proactively managed on a net zero cost basis. What do you have?

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