Unwinding the Complicated & Conflicted Compliance Conundrum

The regulators are after still after you.  Whether your business is being beat up by FINRA regulations, the Basel III  Accord or some other regulatory body, the desired impact is all the same – the regulators are here.  They are tired of dealing with the investment fraud complaints, the lack of reporting transparency that allows investment fraud to thrive, and they are going to take a pound of flesh. … More Unwinding the Complicated & Conflicted Compliance Conundrum

Developments in CRE Development Financing

here is no doubt that CRE investment remains a matter of strong investor interest.  The demand for securities in CRE private placement offerings in Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) and similar 1031 exchange vehicles appears to be well short of saturation.  The demand for qualified sponsor transactions is becoming the take-out financing scenario of the future for commercial real estate developers seeking capital financing for new construction project proposals. … More Developments in CRE Development Financing


Today the team at INVIZEN is pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with the CRE platform RealConneX.com to undertake a joint-venture where the companies will undertake a joint marketing and operating initiative to promote the INVIZEN RTS Asset Protection Care Program through the RealConneX.com portal for the benefit of the CRE financial … More INIT TO WIN IT