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Pursuant to Rule 241 of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, the transactions below have gone thru initial investment screening and the issuers are seeking comments and suggestions on the potential final structure of their securities offerings prior to claiming an exemption and filing a qualified private placement offering statement with the SEC.

Rainmaker Analytics is an authorized agent for the purposes of allowing these issuers to utilize our platform to solicit interest and receive information. No offering for the sale of securities is hereby made or implied. Rainmaker Analytics is not a securities broker-dealer, investment advisor or other securities sales organization. Any representation to the contrary may be a violation of federal law.

Current Capital Financing Proposals

demo day event business plans for crowdfunding raises
The goal is using 21st Century innovations to attract capital for businesses and CRE projects

Advance release proposals can be summaries used for the purposes of allowing issuers to gauge market interest from investors (such as the one below) or a full specimen offering program presentation (down further).

Rule 241 Funding Proposal Advance Release for CRE Project Financing
Current Funding Plan Proposal for CRE High-Yield Investing Opportunities.

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Sedona Northwest Holdings, LP

d/b/a Sedona Northwest

Issuer is engaged in the development of a multi-phase senior housing community in a northwest suburb of Houston, Texas.


Coming Week of January 20th 2021….

WTM Productions, LLC

To-Be-Formed Texas LLC d/b/a “White Trash Mountain Productions”

Issuer is engaged in the operation of an Internet-based entertainment and educational program for investing in CRE and other business enterprises.


JGW Enterprises, LLC

d/b/a “United SIP Manufacturing”

Issuer is engaged in the business of manufacturing energy efficient structural insulated panels for energy efficiency and reduced construction risk applications in residential and commercial construction.


Initial Phase Investments, LLC

d/b/a “Initial Phase Investments”

Issuer is engaged in the business of leveraged investment in three (3) companies engaged in Crowdfunding securities offerings promotions.


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