The Luxury RIAs, B-Ds, Investors & Lenders Can’t Afford?

Default Prevention That Goes Beyond Your Past

In a perfect world broker-dealers, registered investment advisors, family offices and issuers would all cooperate to serve the investor’s goals. The “safe and sound” institutional investment standard doesn’t seem to be working out. A ton of work goes into underwriting a transaction offering, but once the money changes hands, the wheels can still come off the bus.

The Luxury Everyone Wants

In a perfect world, the same level of due diligence that went into underwriting the transaction would continue every month after the transaction funded on a perpetual basis.

The Problem With Luxuries

Luxuries are just that – expensive indulgences that most people can’t afford to have but everyone wants. Underwriting is just too time-consuming and expensive to fix this problem, right?

Affordable Luxuries

The key to making luxuries affordable is the advancement of technology. Advancements in technology and business innovations make things more affordable, so more people can have them. The iCREDIT Program is an advancement in technology that provides all stakeholders with the luxury of underwriting due diligence, fraud controls, default risk controls, market risk controls and compliance controls that were previously no affordable due to the time it took to get a report and the cost of the service. The iCREDIT Program provides ongoing, monthly capacity, collateral, credit and default risk financial risk assessments designed to make this luxury a net zero cost to the business. The end-to-end systemic approach of iCREDIT is unparalleled in the securities industry for compliance, default risk prevention, increased profit-taking and efficient business communications opportunities on multiple levels. Find out how it all works for your fund by contacting us today.

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