The RCMP Licensed Approach

The Rainmaker Capital Markets Program (“RCMP”) includes significant intellectual property program components from the INVIZEN IT System.  Accordingly, the RCMP is only available via exclusively via a license as we have licensing royalties to pay.  What you get for your money includes the following opportunity benefits:

  • You will be marketing and selling your securities via television advertisements to put the power of the purchasing-public to your advantage (mass media sells).
  • Prospective subscribers will be restricted to accredited investors, only.
  • You will be able to claim there will be virtually no bankruptcy, foreclosure, total investment loss or distribution payment risk for investors in your offering for the entire term of the investment if the offering is fully subscribed.  This forms the basis of a reasonable hypothesis that the risk of failure would be, all other things being equal, less than that of an IPO launch.
  • You will have a comprehensive due diligence presentation with a valuation analysis, feasibility analysis, risk analysis (including capacity, collateral, credit and default risk due diligence reviews) included in your documentation.
  • All of the attending due diligence documents will be linked into your offering document.
  • You will have significant protections against future potential claims of investment fraud should your business not succeed some day in the future.
  • You will retain up to 90% of the long-term equity and cash flow in your enterprise.
  • Your cost of issuance will likely be less than 20% of that of an IPO.
  • Your processing time will likely be less than 21 days from the time you provide all required due diligence and advance costs are generally less than 1.5%.

Rule 506(c) offering general solictation costs

These benefits are the tip of the iceberg – literally.  This program is the only true end-to-end solution for obtaining capital financing on terms any reasonable entrepreneur would agree as being attractive.  Call us today at 832.663.9634 to get the rest of the iceberg and get started.