Underwriting Tools for Credit Unions

The best CRE underwriting tools for credit unions seeking due diligence on CRE new construction, acquisition and refinancing transactions is available from INVIZEN. The Verifier Report system provides a snapshot of an exhaustive financial risk assessment program incorporated into a nex-gen analytics engine known as INVIZEN that provides proactive CECL compliance without the pain. The Verifier provides a CREFC and/or Basel III compliant underwriting review of capacity, collateral, credit and default risk issues that are specific to the transaction “story”, the local market area, the unique risk profile of the asset vertical, and the investment preferences of the capital markets. The combination of service, price and content makes our solution the best-in-class CRE platform available.

Verifier focuses underwriting on the “ideal transaction profile”. This means the system builds a separate transaction model from that submitted by the borrower based upon the surveyed market evidence and the premise of matching end-user/consumer demand to the future products/services to be marketed at the completed property. This intuitive, market-centric approach provides the basis for injecting context into the underwriting decision-making process that is based mainly on non-subjective factors, rather than mainly on opinions (i.e.: subjective considerations).

Best-In-Class Speed

Verifier’s analytics engine replaces weeks of due diligence tasking and the associated costs by producing a completed report in one business day for most CRE verticals. That’s best-in-class.

Best-In-Class Documentation

Verifier’s analytics engine generates a complete transaction valuation analysis, complete market & financial feasibility study, complete underwriting report (capacity, collateral, credit and default risk assessments) and the underlying plans. In all, the 10-page report is backed by more than 500 pages of underlying due diligence documentation that is also available for purchase. That’s best-in-class documentation.

Best-In-Class Price

Verifier’s analytics engine and program interface represents the automation of processes that were heretofore unimaginably complex and costly. The resulting report fee is $1,000 for the 10-page snapshot for most verticals. That’s best-in-class pricing.

The INVIZEN Model Overview

Our systemic approach is based upon the incorporation of the holistic end-to-end solution approach that combines next-gen analytics together with systemic control systems that provide the market-centric solution set framework of the INVIZEN Model. This building block approach focuses on the market data pertaining to the asset class in question itself, the value the capital markets place on the asset class in general, the specific risk elements of the specific transaction construct (i.e.: known colloquially as “story book deals”) that legacy systems are just not equipped to support (hence the saying, “we don’t do story book deals”), to determine the potential for key risks to actually have the ability to materialize and become materially significant in the course of the investment holding period. The system design provides an intentional departure from some business practices so that many of the subjective financial investment risks that conventional wisdom tells us are “baked into the deal”, can actually be eliminated from having a potential impact altogether. This has a potential profound impact on the entirety of the risk profile of a given asset vertical in general, and the subject risk analysis in particular. From a practical viewpoint, this means subjective financial investment risks such as bankruptcy risk, foreclosure risk, liquidity maintenance risk, fraud, and even systemic market risk (to name a few) can be reduced to a level of not being reasonably expected to have a material impact on the transaction, or being eliminated altogether. The INVIZEN Model’s integration approach takes these tenets and incorporates them in to the resulting business model, the reporting program and management of all funds as the basis for structuring a given transaction opportunity.

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