Underwriting Tools for Family Offices

Due Diligence You Can Use

Real Underwriting Tools for Transforming Family Office Acquisition Opportunity Costs

Commercial real estate acquisitions continue to evolve and the post-COVID capital markets have evolved as well. The underwriting tools used by family offices, RIAs and broker-dealers have to evolve as well. Just about any program out there will provide at least mediocre capacity, collateral and credit underwriting analyses but fall completely apart on the issue of default risk underwriting and default risk prevention once the transaction is funded. That just has to change.

Verifier provides you with the relief you have been looking for in facing the underwriting costs, delays and losses because the transaction “can’t be made to work”. Verifier provides comprehensive underwriting due diligence that is based upon a component program of capacity, collateral, credit and default risk analytics and underwriting tools that generate confidence for lenders, investors, regulators and the financial services industry. Our approach then follows the transaction post-funding to prevent defaults via the advanced technology of the iCREDIT program. That makes the INVIZEN reporting system the best in class.

The iCREDIT program includes two component program elements that form the core of our value proposition and the services we provide:

Pre-Funding Integrated Due Diligence Delivery – pricing valuation, feasibility study, capacity/collateral/credit/default risk assessment package, risk pool segregation analysis and full-scope ERM services suite documentation review and augmentation.

Business, CRE & Corporate Fraud & Embezzlement Prevention

Post-Funding Integrated Default Risk & Fraud Prevention – everything we do before the close of funding we do every month after funding to prevent execution risk failures, market risk failures, financial reporting transparency issues, and the elimination of fraud and embezzlement at all levels of operations and management.

Asset Monitoring for Performance Assurance You Can Afford

The INVIZEN Model Overview

Our systemic approach is based upon the incorporation of the holistic end-to-end solution approach that combines next-gen analytics together with systemic control systems that provide the market-centric solution set framework of the INVIZEN Model. This building block approach focuses on the market data pertaining to the asset class in question itself, the value the capital markets place on the asset class in general, the specific risk elements of the specific transaction construct (i.e.: known colloquially as “story book deals”) that legacy systems are just not equipped to support (hence the saying, “we don’t do story book deals”), to determine the potential for key risks to actually have the ability to materialize and become materially significant in the course of the investment holding period. The system design provides an intentional departure from some business practices so that many of the subjective financial investment risks that conventional wisdom tells us are “baked into the deal”, can actually be eliminated from having a potential impact altogether. This has a potential profound impact on the entirety of the risk profile of a given asset vertical in general, and the subject risk analysis in particular. From a practical viewpoint, this means subjective financial investment risks such as bankruptcy risk, foreclosure risk, liquidity maintenance risk, fraud, and even systemic market risk (to name a few) can be reduced to a level of not being reasonably expected to have a material impact on the transaction, or being eliminated altogether. The INVIZEN Model’s integration approach takes these tenets and incorporates them in to the resulting business model, the reporting program and management of all funds as the basis for structuring a given transaction opportunity.

That’s what iCREDIT provides. What’s your future look like if more transactions can be structured into workable acquisitions that offer reduced default risk profiles and the opportunity to dramatically improve the IRR of your investments under management and those your acquire moving forward? Contact us to see what we can do for your fund.